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Spud tag Anarcticite, Morganite (?), Amethyst, and Phosphophyllite.
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I've actually never looked into the birthdays of the gems. Not sure if this is accurate though.
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OtakuNet Site Seal: Release

Ben tagFounderGM posted Sep 14, 18

OtakuNet Update 2018: Fall Edition

Website Unsealed

The site will now be accessible again for all users. Forums have been unsealed along with many pages. The website will remain online with its features all accessible. During the website unsealing process, a new background and minor module/page shuffles had occurred. 

Site Staff Rearrangement

The website had undergone a major shuffle in regards to the staff on the website. If you were a former staff member, feel free to contact me via or via DM on the site (or Discord) to obtain the retired tag.

World of Cultivation

The community lives on in the Discord server, World of Cultivation. A server out of the many out there that exists for the reason of comforting boredom and connecting the past, present and future.

Feel free to join.
World of Cultivation:

Best wishes to all our members, staff and occasional visitors.

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