hello fellow Otakus, OtakuNet has recently enabled character support for the 'game': RPG Maker XP.

This means that in addition to Osu! and Minecraft characters, you can now 'login' into characters made with your desired preferences. This thread will explain what character support is, the advantages and how to enable it on your profile.

Hopefully, after reading this thread, you may be inspired to join in the fun. This especially great for roleplayers who are currently apart of our Medieval RP.

Enjin Character Support is an option to allow the user to login into a 'character' created for a specific game on sites that have it enabled. What it does is, it changes your name and profile picture on site to your desired character's avatar without changing your actual username and profile picture on the Enjin network.

This means, while on OtakuNet, you'll have a completely different name and profile avatar while on every other site, all your profile info is the same. This is very useful for setting up different personas for RP, or just interacting with users on site. (Example: Roleplaying in chat or on forums).

There are many advantages of Character Support in addition to the few features mentioned above.
Here are some to keep in mind for now, as there may be additional ones added to this list.
  • Different Avatar & Username on site, while original settings are still maintained on the rest of the Enjin Network.
  • Better experience in role-playing in the forums or in chat.
  • Can create multiple characters and switching avatars are as fast as a few clicks.
  • Awesome for planned future OtakuNet site events which may require the use of a character.
  • etc.....
*More to be added in the future.

Enabling is a fast easy process. Below is a step by step guide on how to do so.

1. Navigate to your Enjin profile.

This should be pretty straight forward. You could always click on your name on site to navigate there or even in the top right corner of the majority of sites hosted by Enjin.
Spoiler: Profile PageShow

2. Navigate to your Characters. There are two ways to get there.

A. Scrolling down on your profile and clicking "Characters" on the right side of your profile page.
Spoiler: Navigating to Character Page (Method A)Show

B. Adding ../characters to your Enjin profile link.
Spoiler: Navigating to Character (Method B)Show

3. Adding your Character & Login.

This is the fun part in adding your character to your profile.
  1. Click on the button "Add Character".
  2. Select the game "RPG Maker XP (PC) in the dropdown menu.
  3. Fill in the info and upload your desired avatar. (Avatar will be auto resized to 73x73, so try to make sure you upload a square image).
  4. Save Character.
  5. Click on the Gear icon and then from the dropdown menu, select "Login to Character".

Spoiler: Adding Your Character (Steps A-D)Show

Spoiler: Adding Your Character & Login (Step E)Show
It's pretty fun and a great way to roleplay.
If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask below.