Heyo all!

Wish to contribute to OtakuNet ?

Want to show off your PS skills or image editing 360 no scopes? (I know sounds bad but meh). We have the perfect opportunity for you ~

Right now, we are rather lacking in content for our slidershow on our /home page ( http://otakunet.me/home ). We are accepting submissions in this thread to add to our slideshow module which will feature your banner.

Have fun with it and we hope that some of you may be interested. Please try to have the text "OtakuNet", It's a Big World", etc. and other OtakuNet-related content. The size should be around 1020 X 250. Enjin slideshows sometimes zoom in on the image if it's smaller and will often tend to lower the quality.

Be creative and we look forward to seeing what this community has to offer.