hello, this is the official OtakuNet Association Guidelines which contain minimum requirements before being considered by the OtakuNet Community Manager Team.

If your site/community/channel/stream meets the following requirements, feel free to submit a request to associate here. Be sure to provide a link to the content you wish to associate to us with.

Once submitted, our OtakuNet team will consider and vote on whether or not OtakuNet will accept the association. Once accepted, you will be contacted and OtakuNet shall discuss the terms/conditions, etc. in regards to the association.
WNwCq7S.png Twitch: 100 Followers
7wjHF2o.png YouTube: 750 Subscribers and 2/3 uploads per month
xFfSffq.png Community/Website: Minimum 500 users

Other/Misc: (ie. Artist - Somewhat well known and has done recent commissions)
For other occupations that are not listed, feel free to contact us via contact form to see if you are eligible to become a partner.
If you have any questions, leave them below!