Staff Guidelines

This is a thread which contains guidelines for staff and protocols as well as procedures should an issue arise. Staff responsibilities, duties as well as roles for each selected position are clearly outlined in this thread. There will also be a F.A.Q [frequently asked questions] section to help clarify the roles.

First, these are the staff responsibilities and roles/duties of each selected position. They can be found in the "How to Create An Application Thread".

Staff Responsibilities:

- All Staff-related info should be kept staff-only.
- Staff members are role-models - be sure to minimize cussing, violation of site rules as well as unethical decisions.
- Inform other staff members before implementing a large scale project.
- Aid/help/direct users when asked and welcome new members.
- Be courteous and nice to all users on the site.
- Follow the site rules.
- Respond to applications.
- Attend as many Staff meetings as possible.
- Be ready to give your honest input on decisions and able to present beneficial ideas to further site success.
- Display Positive Attitude towards co-workers, users and members.
- Be updated and active on the site.

There's two positions in our staff team.

1. Moderator
- Provide site updates, handling blogs, posting promotional site content on your wall, advertising, promoting the site, creating forum announcement, managing associations, social media, welcoming new users who join, and all above staff responsibilities. For associations, direct interested individuals/communities to the contact form:
- Moderate the forums, be active, post, forum updates, move/locking threads, hiding off-topic/double posts, warning members, etc. Welcoming users and responding/posting, moderating chat/shoutbox and the forums are all responsibilities of moderators.

2. Administrator
- This position cannot be directly applied to. Only existing staff members will have a chance to apply for this position.
Administrators overlook and supervise all staff, help further site development and implement ideas. They are in charge of running the staff team and making sure everyone is doing their part.

*If there are any questions/requests/reports/glitches, please direct users to use the contact form:


Q: Is a staff member allowed to swear or speak in a vulgar language in the site chat?
A: Swearing is permitted. However, excessive use of profanity will not be tolerated.

Q: Is speaking in hashtag allowed?
A: Hashtags are allowed. However, like swearing and usage of profanity, excessive use is prohibited.

Q: How many warnings before I punish someone for a violation?
A: Punishment depends on the violation. The ideal amount of warnings for punishment is 3, however, based on the severity of the violation, the amount of warnings is up to the staff member's own judgement and discretion. Be sure to take a SCREENSHOT. These are vital as proof of misconduct. With no screenshot(s), it will be much more difficult to issue a punishment.

For example: someone is spamming the chat. Even when told to stop, continues. Those are grounds for a temporary ban or chat kick.
A more severe offence would be spamming the forums with advertisement threads, excessive porn links, etc.
These may be grounds for a permanent ban.
- Just remember to inform the Skype staff group or an admin about it and the punishment/warning you have issued.

Q: Am I allowed to punish a staff member for breaking the rules?
A: Inform a higher ranked admin/staff member about the issue and we will deal with it accordingly. Screenshots are valuable. Without them, no punishment can be issued.

Q: If I need to be inactive, what do I do?
A: Inactivity is sometimes unavoidable. However, it is important to let the rest of the staff know the reason for it and duration. If we are uninformed about it, then we have no idea where you are or if you have lost interest in the position, etc. That is why staff are required to fill out a leave of absence post. Found here:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask myself, or another administrator. Also, feel free to share your input/thoughts regarding the above content. If you wish, please post your questions on this thread.
All non-related posts will be deleted. If interested in applying- apply here.